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Reliable technology and reasonable design
  • workmanship

    New dry process white cement production technology
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    White cement products are of reliable quality
  • Green ecology

    Command with microcomputer and DCS central control system
  • Reliable

    It is exported to six provinces and one city in East China
  • Efficient service

    We serve you wholeheartedly: 0790-6463738
Jiangxi kunbang White Cement Co., Ltd

Jiangxi kunbang White Cement Co., Ltd. is located in Xinyu national high tech Industrial Park; It is only 15 kilometers away from Xinyu exit of Shanghai Kunming expressway; The total investment of the company is 128 million yuan; It has a new dry process production line with an annual output of 200000 tons of white cement, with reasonable process design, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and complete facilities.


Jiangxi kunbang White Cement Co., Ltd

Tel.: 13879024454 (Mr. Lin)

Tel / Fax: 0790-6853298

Website: www.jxkbbsn.com com

Address: Shuixinxiling, Xinyu Economic Development Zone


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